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#1 Developer First
Application Security Management Platform

How It Works:

Step 1

Connect Your Data Sources

Gain complete visibility within minutes by connecting one or more AppSec tools, DevOps systems and Cloud Platforms using APIs.

Step 2

Prioritize With Context

Identify what is relevant to your business or leverage out of the box rules to create actionable security alerts across CI / CD workflows.

Step 3

Automate Remediation Campaigns

Developers get automatically alerted about the few actionable alerts in the tools they use, so they have full context of why an issue needs to be fixed and how.

Step 4

Measure and Improve Your AppSec Program

Measure and communicate your security posture with development teams and executives.

Powered by the TROMZO Intelligence Graph

Security scanners provide valuable signals about potential vulnerabilities, but they typically operate in a silo and have no context.

TROMZO visualizes these security signals as a graph that is connected to your code repositories, CI/CD systems and assets in cloud platforms.

With Intelligence Graph, TROMZO leverages this full context to help you sort through the noise and prioritize the few actionable signals that matter the most.

What Can Context-Aware Application
Security Do For You?

#1 End to End Visibility

“Tromzo is my current go-to platform to share immediate consolidated insights into product security at NextRoll. It coherently integrates a disparate set of tools and data sources, producing an integral prioritized view into our security debt, vulnerability trends and remediation rates.”

Felipe Olivera, Product Security Engineer, NextRoll

#2 Less Noise, More Actionability.

“The biggest challenge for most AppSec teams is the amount of noise created by testing tools and understanding which ones are actually important. Tromzo helps eliminate this extra noise by connecting the dots between vulnerabilities and their context in relation to our product.”

Sri Pangulur,Partner, Tribe Capital

#3 Eliminate Manual Workflows and Processes

“Our previous processes were based on the AppSec team tracking issues via spreadsheets and PDF reports. We just couldn’t keep up with the pace of the product release schedule. Tromzo helps automate triaging, prioritization and tracking processes so we can keep up with dev teams.”

#4 Drive Security Ownership

“It’s difficult to get developers to take ownership of security at scale. However, by closing the feedback loop and getting the right issues routed to the right engineers, then we have noticed that cultural change begins to take place.”

Alexandra Nassar,Staff Technical Program Manager


  • Thousands of hours each year wasted on tedious manual work.
  • Overwhelming amount of noise and false positives.
  • Developers feel security just gets in their way and slows them.
  • Application security team is falling behind the development team.
  • Application security program feels impossible to scale.


  • Manual work is automated, dev and security are able to focus on higher-value work.
  • Eliminate noise and only see the issues that actually matter and need to be fixed.
  • Developers feel empowered to integrate security into their workflow.
  • Application security team is able to keep up with the pace of modern development.
  • Application security has unlimited scale.

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