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The Relationship Between Developers
and Security Today is Broken

"Every week we get a list of new vulnerabilities from the AppSec team. Frankly, there are so many that it's impossible to prioritize what actually matters and most just get ignored"



“We can’t scale our AppSec program and focus on high-value work because we spend all of our time on manual work and waiting for developers to address vulnerabilities.”

TROMZO eliminates developer/security friction by using context to sort through the noise and empower developers to fix what matters.

Complete End to End Visibility

Combine disparate data from all your AppSec tools, DevOps systems, and Cloud platforms into a single connected graph that represents your environment.

Less Noise, More Context

AppSec tools produce noisy alerts because they lack context. Tromzo leverages full context from code to cloud in a single connected graph, to highlight the few actionable issues that matter.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Leverage Tromzo’s no-code automation to automate your processes and integrate AppSec directly into dev tools (e.g. Github, Jira, Slack).

Drive Security Ownership

Solve challenges with ownership of security issues by tracking the teams that own code and services and continuously measuring their performance on security remediation.

What Customers Say About Tromzo

Backed by leading CISOs. Built by security practitioners who’ve personally experienced this problem.

Adam Glick
CISO, SimpliSafe
Ben Waugh
CSO, Redox
Brian Johnson
CSO, Armorblox
Caleb Sima
CSO, Robinhood
Clint Maples
Craig Rosen
Drew Daniels
CISO, Druva
Gerhard Eschelbeck
CSO, Aurora
Jeff Trudeau
CSO, FinTech Enterprises
Joel Fulton
Fmr CSO, Splunk
Kathy Wang
CISO, Very Good Security
Manish Mehta
Security Leader, F5 Networks
Ody Lupescu
CISO, Ethos Life
Peter Liebert
Fmr. CISO State of California
Phoram Mehta
Steve Pugh
CISO, ICE | New York Stock Exchange
Ty Sbano
CSO, Sisense
Zane Lackey
Founder Signal Sciences