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Most developers feel security just gets in their way and slows them down.

Every week you get a new list of vulnerabilities from your security team but with so many issues that need attention, it’s impossible to prioritize where you should spend your time.

Tromzo makes application security easy for developers by using context-aware security to identify and fix the vulnerabilities that actually matter. Request Demo

Why Developers Love Tromzo

#1 You can prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter and eliminate all the other noise.

#2 You get a single source of truth for all AppSec. No more passing around PDFs and spreadsheets.

#3 Receive alerts in systems where you work, with customizable Jira, Slack, Github integrations and more.

#4 Automated workflows so you get notified of relevant security bugs quickly without having to wait for manual analysis.

What Customers Say About Tromzo