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Nico Valcarcel Product Security Lead, NextRoll

“My team is always looking for ways to provide visibility of security issues and provide engineering with all the information they need to shift security left and automate processes. With Tromzo we can run automated remediation campaigns around the most important issues and getting the right information to the right engineers quickly, allowing them to take action without wasting time or depend on my team to handhold them through it.”

Allan Swanepoel Principal Security Architect

“You can’t make large scale progress if you are manually managing your AppSec program. My philosophy is that any mundane tasks should be automated. This is why I love that Tromzo can automate triaging, prioritizing, ticketing, and tracking.”

Steve Dotson CISO, Acoustic

“I’ve needed a tool like this that helps me to provide visibility across our disparate tools, scale our remediation efforts, and reduce friction with developers & product managers. I love having a single source of truth that these different teams can interact with to reach our goal of reducing AppSec risk”

Ralph Pyne VP of Security, NextRoll

“Tromzo enables my team to partner with the Dev team at scale to reduce our overall risk. Both teams benefit with my security engineers freed up to focus on higher value tasks and the dev team given rapid intelligence on prioritized vulnerabilities.”

Security teams are struggling to keep up with the pace of modern software development.

Testing for security bugs during development is hard enough, but now you also have to triage, prioritize, file tickets, track and report on them. This leaves you stuck doing low-value manual work and chasing developers instead of focusing on high value application security work.

Tromzo makes application security easy for you and the developers by centralizing and automating all your manual workflows so you can scale AppSec.