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We imagine a world where security becomes self-service and developers are able to effortlessly determine security measures appropriate for their work and tune out the noise. A world where security becomes a first-class citizen in developer workflows and security teams are empowered to do meaningful work. This is what the future of application security will look like.

To build this vision for the future, we’ve assembled an incredible team at Tromzo and partnered with top notch CISOs and Investors.

Meet Our Founders

Tromzo was founded by Harshit Chitalia and Harshil Parikh. Harshil previously led security for Medallia where he experienced first hand the challenges of scaling an application security program to keep up with modern development.

Harshit led an engineering team at Juniper Networks where he experienced the frustration of security teams sending endless lists of security bugs with no way to prioritize the ones that actually mattered.

The two founders joined forces in early 2021 and set out to eliminate this friction between developers and security by empowering AppSec teams to find and fix their most critical vulnerabilities.

Backed by Innovation Endeavors, Operator Partners, SVCI and 25+ Leading CISOs and Executives.

Adam Glick
CISO, SimpliSafe
Ben Waugh
CSO, Redox
Brian Johnson
CSO, Armorblox
Caleb Sima
CSO, Robinhood
Clint Maples
Craig Rosen
Drew Daniels
CISO, Secureframe
Gerhard Eschelbeck
CSO, Aurora
Jeff Trudeau
CSO, FinTech Enterprises
Joel Fulton
Fmr CSO, Splunk
Kathy Wang
CISO, Discord
Manish Mehta
Security Leader, F5 Networks
Ody Lupescu
CISO, Ethos Life
Peter Liebert
Fmr. CISO State of California
Phoram Mehta
Steve Pugh
CISO, ICE | New York Stock Exchange
Ty Sbano
CSO, Sisense
Zane Lackey
Founder Signal Sciences